Steven Blodgett’s Bear River RR

Steve’s HO Bear River RR is a fictitious short line connecting the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific RR in the 1880’s, none of those new-fangled horse-less carriages to be seen.  The basement train room is 28 x 12ft, with round-the-room bench work and a peninsula down the middle.  The RR travels through towns, farmland, mountains, and canyons. Scenery is about 75% complete.  The layout features Steve’s artistry when it comes to structures, trestles, and weathering.  Structures are either kits, kit-based, or scratch built representing the era around the 1880’s in the western United States.   Steve runs both freight and passenger service all steam and no diesels (but he does have some in his display case).  Steve has been working on his layout for about 20 years and has hand laid all 200 feet of his track and turnouts.  Steve’s layout is at eye level, but he has plenty of foot stools to stand on.  A must see scene is the Hotel scene and surrounding farm buildings in the south west corner of the room.   A CVP DCC system powers the layout.  Beautiful backdrop painting is by Rob Spangler. Photos are OK.