Blaine Holbrook’s Mountain Railroads

My layout is intended to include various aspects of the intermountain west. This includes three of the major railroads, UP, SP and the Rio Grande. Smaller roads include the Utah Railway coal route, Bamberger, and the Garfield and western. Smaller railroads serve the mining district of this three level layout. I am working on level one as shown in the pictures. Other industries include plumbing and pipe manufacturing (my father was a plumber), farming and the pickle industry, Cattle ranching, lumber, milk, Cement and assortment of general industries associated with rail service.  The pipe manufacturing facility will be based on Tyler Pipe in Tyler Texas where my father purchased his plumbing supplies.

            Mining areas I will include:

 1. The Ophir and St Johns railway which is the only railway in Utah to use the Climax locomotive.

2. Ophir mining district area

3. Park City Silver mine

4. Croydon Cement plant

5. And an assortment of independent mines scattered on the second and third levels.

I am using standard gauge for UP and SP and 3 ft. narrow gauge for the Rio Grande with dual gauge trackage used at transfer points.

            I use NCE DCC for the UP and SP but I’m using DC for the narrow gauge.