My layout assumes the Great Northern and Northern Pacific merged to become the Great Northern Pacific Railway.  The layout room is 18 feet by 30 feet with a 5 feet by 20 feet extension, perpendicular to one end of the main room.  The layout is a point to point design with a large peninsula in the center of the main room.  The GNPR services Grand Steel Corporation, an integrated steel mill operation. The mill has a coke oven works, including a by-products plant, 2 blast furnaces, an open hearth furnace, a slab rolling mill, and a shaping mill. These industries are a mixture of scratch built and kitbashed buildings.  The layout has 2 main levels, with a branch line on a third level. The levels are connected by a helix. The layout features a coal mine, an iron ore mine, and a sand stone quarry all designed to service Grand Steel Corp. A replica of Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Plant is also part of the layout.  At the time of this document, there is very little scenery, but several of the facilities (very large buildings) are in place, or on their way to completion.