Quintin Foster’s DRGW

This layout is a free-lanced/prototypical version of a combination of the DRGW, the Santa Fe, and the CB&Q.  It runs from Denver to Salt Lake City with non-prototypical towns in between.  The concept of the layout was driven by my desire to have something to remind me of the Royal Gorge, a joint line of ATSF & DRGW with a split yard and some CB&Q “participation.”

 The layout is three levels with one staging yard on the very bottom with the other two levels containing working areas plus the second staging yard.  There are three yards on the layout.  There is a split Santa Fe/DRGW yard with a main line running between the yards at a location called Easton.  There is a small yard at a location called Barton, appropriately located over the bar.  Both the Santa Fe and Barton yards have local industries associated with them.  There is a branch line out of the Easton DRGW yard, a meat packing plant, and a coal mine/logging area that all take locals that work them.