Jon Robinson’s Double Diamond RR

The Double Diamond Model Railroad was started in January of 2013 by Jon Robinson. It is an HO-Scale semi-portable railroad. The throttle system is Digitrax DCC with both tethered and wireless radio cabs. The railroad is approximately 1 scale mile long (64’) but represents about 15 miles of prototype railroad. The visible mainline track is code 83 with a minimum radius of 40” and Atlas turnouts with a minimum #6. Computers are used extensively for Traffic Management, Crew Management, Layout Controls, Throttles, Signaling, and Dispatching. The railroad is located in an aircraft hangar at Skypak Airport where there are regular operating sessions and an occasional open house.

The DDRR is a freelanced, Rocky Mountain, Bridge railroad, connecting Denver to Salt Lake City thru the Rocky Mountains. Only a portion is modeled, from the outskirts of Randallville to Six Mule Canyon. Because of the time savings and overall outstanding performance of the DDRR, other Western railroads regularly use the DDRR bridge. The era is modern but we have altered history. Most of the railroad mergers since the 1970’s did not occur thus you will still see trains from the SP and D&RGW. The BNSF merger has just happened so you will also see SF, BN and BNSF. Of course the UP is very prominent.