Jeff Johnston's Sugar Pine Lumber Company

 Jeff and his wife Pam model the Sugar Pine Lumber Company/Minarets & Western Railway circa September 1927. The lumber company interchanges with an SP connection at Fresno, but the logging part of the layout is the era and company specific part of the modeling.  They have some SP-esque hardware but are not trying for SP “purity.” The layout is point to point, double deck, designed for operation from the get go.

Larry Over's Siskiyou Line

Larry Over's Siskiyou Line is a point to point prototype based layout of the southern part of the Southern Pacific’s Siskiyou Branch Line 1975-80 time frame. It is a mountain railroad with 3% prototype grades.


Corvallis Society of Model Engineers' Cascade Pacific

Corvallis Society of Model Engineers' Cascade Pacific is inspired by the Southern Pacific’s Albany – Toledo Branch.

Rod Loder's SP in Oregon

Rod Loder's SP (Southern Pacific) in Oregon focuses on railroading during the 1970’s Mainline south from Portland, through Eugene, Oakridge, Chemult, to Klamath Falls. There is also branch action on the Albany, Mill City and Toledo, McMinnville, and Dawson Branches.

Larry Kennedy's GN Steven's Pass

Larry Kennedy's 1680 sq ft GN Steven's Pass includes from Skykomish up and over the pass.   Great Northern trains are pulled by steam, diesel, and electric locomotives.  Larry lived near the line and is modeling it 'true to the area'.


Gene Neville's Great Basin and Pacific

Gene Neville’s HO-scale Great Basin and Pacific is a free-lanced version of Southern Pacific’s Modoc Line. This large layout occupies much of a separate building. Operations extend from Klamath Falls, OR, to Wendel, CA, across the Great Basin. Basic scenery shell is complete and sagebrush is being added now. The railroad uses Digitrax DCC radio control. Dispatching is with track warrants using a phone system. Most locomotives are Southern Pacific, ca, 1952.

Joe Fugate's Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line

Joe Fugate’s Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line models operations in Southern Oregon in the 1980’s. Mainline operations center on Roseburg with the climb over Rice Hill to the north and the extensive lumber mill in Dillard to the south. A proto-lanced “might have been” branch to the Coast at Coos Bay provides considerable traffic. Scenery work has begun with several signature scenes that have been featured nationally. NCE DCC radio control is used. Dispatching is via track warrants.

Tom Dill's Southern Pacific - Ashland Div

Tom Dill’s Southern Pacific – Ashland layout is a jewel in the comfortable space above his garage. This HO-scale layout is completely sceniced and features the Siskiyou Line Division Point of Ashland, OR, ca, 1948-53. Ashland was a dividing point between the Portland and Shasta Divisions. Operations feature extensive yard switching in Ashland and trains climbing toward Siskiyou Summit. The railroad operates mostly with steam locomotives, all well-tuned.

Charles Clark's Modoc Southern Pacific Line

Chuck Clark’s SP Modoc Line is a double-deck HO scale railroad that occupies a 30x50 feet space. The railroad features line-hauls, branch lines and extensive switching. Station names and industries are inspired by southeast Oregon and into Nevada. Operations use car cards and waybills with train instructions provided with the train packet. An active mole keeps the railroad continuously rolling. The railroad is completely sceniced and has a professionally painted backdrop.

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