Bob Sanchez' West Coast Transportation System

Bob's layout is a proto-freelanced railroad loosely based on the Southern Pacific with double track main line.  On the south and west end the Santa Fe and the Western Pacific feed into the sysetm - similar to Stockton.  On the north and east end the Union Pacific, and Burlington Northern with a little  Milwaukee Road - similar to Portland,  The layout is on multiple levels with two helices with lots of along the wall grades as well to get between the lower main level to the upper mezanine 12 actual feet above.  Plans call for a 2100 scale foot long ore dock with a capacity of 220 ore jennys.  Remember all this is in N-scale.

Bob has a 50 foot backdrop done, and benchwork and subroadbed in. There is no track down but the layout is at a stage that is perfect for LDSIG inspection and input.

Here are some Photos.


View looking down the hallway away from the main level showing one of the helieces. 


'The Pit" (lower level) with a 9 foot ceiling.  Above the ceiling is the mezanine (see photo below).  Note along the walls the ramps of 2% grades for the tracks to get from one level to the next (nolix).


Meznine (upper level) with operator ramp in the foreground.



Backdrops along the main level of the layout.


Backdrop along the south wall where the yard areas for ATSF, WP, SP including an intermodal yard will be.



Backdrop along the west wall with freelanced town of Santa Patricia


Close up detail of backdrop along the west wall.

Close up of the Front of Bob's house.  Note the Southern Pacific accessories.


Overall View of the front of the house.  Layout is in the back.  Take the alley behind the house