Citrus Model Railroad Club's N-scale Railroad







The layout began life as an N-trak modular system that was set up in different places. In 1993 when the Club found its permanent location at the Citrus County Fairgrounds, many of the modules were bolted together to form the basis for the present layout. Over the years many improvements and changes were made to the layout. In 2011 the Clubs N Scalers decided that a rebuild was in order to eliminate the problems that the many modifications to the original modules framing and wiring were creating. A new layout was designed that would allow easier access to the entire layout for maintenance and detail work.


The new layout is a 10’ x 22’ diorama featuring 4 main lines, each running approximately 2 scale miles.

There is a locomotive facility, a logging area complete with a reversing logging train and an animated sawmill.


Scenery on the layout is Styrofoam in various thicknesses to achieve the desired profiles. Then covered with Woodland Scenic Ground foam. Trees are commercial trees from various manufacturers.

The scenery runs the gamete from farmland to city scenes all highly detailed.


Structures are mostly plastic kits with a few scratch built structures. Many of the buildings have interior lighting, as well as working lights on some of the vehicles.


The layout does not follow any particular prototype or time period. As stated above the layout is a large diorama that allows visitors to see long trains of 30 to 50 cars. On numerous occasions we have run trains of well over 100 cars.


Track and turnouts are Atlas turnouts and Atlas flex track. The maximum grade is 2% on one of the 4 main lines.


The control system for the layout is both a Digitrax DCC system as well as MRC analog power packs.


As stated in the opening this layout is designed to have fun running long trains, and for the public to enjoy.


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