Tom Wilson's Pittsburgh and West Virginia


The Pittsburgh and West Virginia was part of the Alphabet Route along with NKP, WM, CNJ, and Reading. The section of the P&WV that I am modeling is located near Pittsburgh. The operating schedule is from the P&WV using the same name trains that ran on the railroad. The towns located on the layout are Virginia, Avella, Bridgeville, South Carnegie, Rook Yard and the West End. Local switching is performed on the main line. Connellsville and Pittsburgh Jct. are the two staging areas. Active interchange with the following railroads are performed on the P&WV railroad, PRR, Union, Montour, and P&LE. A branch line from the P&WV runs up the helix to Mifflin Yard or Clairton Yard. Cars are interchanged at these two locations with the Union Railroad. The upper level is the Clairton Coke Works and Steel Plant. Two operators control the plant. One operator runs Ingram Yard and the other runs the various jobs in the plant. The jobs are from the prototype railroad. The plant is under yard rules. Duquesne Yard (Staging) feeds the Steel Plant and Mifflin Yard and several on line industries. There are 3 interchanges that supply the coke/steel plant. At Avella all buildings were built to represent the prototype structures located there.

The railroad was featured in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine April 2011


Click here to see a YouTube video of the P&WV RR during the Op Session in February 2014


The railroad was featured in April 2014 Trainmaster TV

See the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Web Site for more information:


The Pittsburgh and West Virginia was also featured as the cover photo on the NMRA calendar 2017


Here are a few photos of the layout:

 The Grain train extra has a meet with AJ-12 at Avella on the Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

 Rook Yard. Main yard on the P&WV RR. Alpha Jets drop of blocks of cars and the locals work out of the yard.

 The Union Railroad has a  Hot Metal transfer from the Blast Furnace to the Open Hearth.                                       In the back ground is the coke batteries with a scratch built Wellman Coke Pusher.