John Wilkes' Virginia South Western


On John Wilkes' Virginia South Western the L&N and Southern run side by side thru the mountains around Norton, Virginia.  The railroad has been featured several times in Model Railroad Hobbyist.  Click on the month and year to see the article.

MRH 2015-02 - February 2015   MRH 2014-12 - December 2014  MRH 2013-09 - September 2013

Take a trip over the railroad via YouTube by clicking here.

What follows are photos of construction and scenery installation as well as some finished sections.  Enjoy!


 Walt Roberge & Morry Morris at work

 aluminum frame-floor mounting curved

 aluminum framing corners

 aluminum framing inside corner

 construction early 2helix

 3 track helix

 2 track helix

 construction general middle

 Guest River Construction


 Mills Gap Early Construction

 Foamboard Construction 'Mills Gap'

 Rock Castings 'Mills Gap'


L&N Mills Gap


 'Powell River'

 'Powell River'

 L&N Coal Creek local #607 pulling loads from VC&I loadout

 Southern Belmont unit train at Edison JCT.

 L&N Goodbee/Eljobean shifter dropping loads at J R Roberts Prep Plant.

 Schlesser Coal Co. loadout machine at Goodbee.  See MRH 2015-02 - February 2015

 Southern Belmont unit train mid train helpers and radio car

 L&N unit train loaded and ready to depart J R Roberts Prep Plant

 Unit coal XTRA at Edison JCT.

 Southern Westmoreland unit coal train at Granfield interlocking.

 O&W unit coal train leaving the siding at Goodbee

 N&W SD35's 1521 and 1510 at Hawthorne

 SCL SD45 2032 and CR SD40 6248 lead a southbound coal XTRA at Guest River

 ALCO C420's 1315, 1302 and 1325 with 'company' hoppers, crossing Guest River