Orlando Society of Model Railroaders


Orlando Society of Model Railroaders

Freelance Layout:     Somewhere in the West Virginia –Carolinas - Appalachian Valley region

Layout RR Name: OSMR

Owner Name: Orlando Society of Model Railroaders

Website: http://www.osmr.webs.com/ (see our website for layout photos)

Videos: Please search YOUTUBE for “Orlando Society of Model Railroaders”

Scale: HO

 Layout Style: Single level/walk around layout                          

 Mainline Run: 2 main lines, approx. 4 scale miles each

Minimum Radius: 30” in yards, 34” on mainline

Typical Aisle Width: 36 inches +

Benchwork: 1/2" plywood on 1x2 girders, cookie cutter on some sections

Height: 42 inches

Accessible: Ground level, wheel chair accessible

Theme, prototype, era, and location of layout:

Freelance design based on some views from the Appalachian valley and Appalachian railroading, with some logging and city-scapes added for interest and variety.  Original plans called for the late steam/early diesel era, but have been much diluted due to member fluctuation and easier access/desires for more modern equipment.  So now we see “steam excursions”, container trains and old time steam logging operations.  We are having fun. 

 Special Layout Design Features:

The layout was one of the first CAD-Rail designed, club size railroads.  Was featured for a while in CAD-Rail advertising. During the building phase 1999-2004 plans were slightly modified to arrive at the current layout.  The layout is a “Railfan” type of design with lots of viewing locations for the trains to pass thru.  Main features are the 2 separate but interwoven main lines. Club members have been reluctant to embrace OPS and many are happy to just see their train running thru the scenery.

 The layout is designed for DCC and/or DC operation. It is wired with 4 independent districts per main line.  Currently these districts are interconnected to a DCC station per main line.  Plan is to install PM42s to provide independent power control for each district.  

 The layout also incorporates a fully operational trolley line between city and main train station.  The trolley line uses live trolley wire and bonded rail.  Multiple cars can be seen traveling the line.  Trolley operation is DC only.

Currently under construction is a 50 foot long shelf switching layout mounted on wall brackets.

Documentation, Orientation, and Signage: Layout incorporates local control panels for Tortoise switch machine controlPanels also include mile markers and site information.

Purpose of the Railroad and/or operating session: Rail-fanning thru towns, industrial areas and mountain scenery.

OPS was initiated with scheduled trains and track warrents issued by a dispatcher

Scenery Methods and %: Scenery is 99.9% complete on the main layout and uses mostly Woodland Scenics materials. Trees are in part natural clippings with clump foliage glued on. Streets and sidewalks are styrene.

Backdrop: Light blue painted walls, working on background structures and scenery

Car Forwarding System: Not implemented

Size: 1500 sqft in an industrial condo

Scenery: Fully completed scenery.

Prototype/theme: Attempts to evoke specific era/time. Planning was: End of steam early diesel (1950-1970).  Currently mostly mid 60s with many excursions into the 2000-2017 range.  Buildings vary from early 1900 to late 1980, vehicles cover anytime from 1940 to 2000.

Operating Scheme: Track warrant

Control System: DUAL power systems, DC remotes (Trainmaster) and/or Digitrax  DCC system, interfaced with JMRI.  Smart phone throttles supported on request.

Communication System: None.

Number of Crew Positions: 10-12 max for scheduled train operation.