Jerry Kinsman's Minnesota Central


The Minnesota Central is freelance layout featuring Milwaukee Road and Missabe Road power with both steam and diesel.

Room size is 20 x 21 ft. in a detached building.

Layout height is 41  to 48 in with 1 % grade.

28 to 30 in radius on the mainline with #6 turnouts.

Aisle width 20 to 36 in.

150 ft of main line 45 ft of branch line

The layout features a 15 ft passenger terminal area with a 13 track staging area below.

A branch line to the Duluth & Two Harbors with iron ore boat loading dock.



All track and most structures in place.

Ballasting started.

Backdrop 90% completed

Terrain using various methods of foam, cardboard strips, plaster cloth, Lou Sassi goup, lichen,.



5 way freights switching 9 towns.

6 large industries requiring unit train switching.

4 interchange trains.

7 scheduled passenger and urban trains.

Using Shenware waybills



Open grid with homasote/masonite spline roadbed on the mainline.

Yards and town areas are homasote on ½ “ plywood.




CVP Easy DCC with both wireless and tethered throttles.

Incorporating arduino controlled servos for mainline turnouts for eventual dispatching control.