Troy Combs' Railroad


Troy Combs' layout measures approximately 25 x 30 and is of mushroom design.  It is a combination of L-girder and open grid bench work and features a large staging yard as well as three helices.


An NCE wireless DCC system is used to operate trains.  A combination of Digitrax and RR-CirKits components are used to control turnouts, detect occupancy and control signals through JMRI.


The layout is 'proto-freelance', and is based on operations in and around Jacksonville, FL during Summer of 2015. CSX is the predominant railroad, but Norfolk Southern and Florida East Coast are also represented.


All mainline tracks will be operational for the convention.  Because it is a work in-progress, some of the industrial and yard trackage will likely be incomplete and little-to-no scenery will be complete.


For several photos of the layout progress click here.