The Central Florida Railroad Modelers' Ridgely, Parkersburg and Greenbriar

 The Ridgely, Parkersburg and Greenbriar is a freelance railroad based on northern West Virginia in the late 1950's.  It was designed as a subsidiary of the NewYork Central Railroad that connected with the line from Columbus to Chaleston.

We are located in a 2000 square foot air conditioned clubhouse. The layout is constructed on 3 piers with approximately 200 feet of dual mainline track. It has a second level built over 2 piers with approximately 100 feet of single main track. We recently added an 80ft extension to a riverfront switching district.
The main level trackage is controlled by a custom built ABS signal system. It features a home built dispatchers panel that converts the layout to CTC for our monthly operating session. The upper level called the "Ridge Line" is presently dark territory. The new expansion will be signaled in the near future.
Our railroad's scenery is 95% complete. It features a combination of commercially available, craftsman and custom built structures. Many structures had interiors. The layout has many people, vehicles and animals throughout. 90% of the structures have interior and/or exterior lighting.

The layout lighting system has it's own power source. It is broken down into many circuits each with its own dimmer.  The overhead lighting is accomplished with warm orange LED fixtures to give a natural look to our scenery. The system is dimmable to take advantage of the layout lighting.

Our layout was featured on the cover of the December 2016 issue of the NMRA Magazine.  It was also in the 2017 NMRA calendar.

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Central Passenger Station

Main Yard

Newman Mine