John Brennan's Chicago Peoria and Western


In a buccolic scene from September 1940, extra 362 is heading west out of Aurora with a local freight on John Brennan's Chicago Peoria and Western railroad.  The 250 foot mainline and 40 foot Canton Branch keep as many as nine engineers well occupied during operating sessions.  River scene modeled by Jon Addison, HO modeling by John Brennan, photography by Greg Komar.


 The Chicago Peoria and Western railroad is a fictional railroad running from Chicago(staging) to Galesburg,IL(staging). The railroad follows the CB&Q mainline and runs thru Mendota,Kewanee, Galva and some smaller towns on the way to Galesburg. There is a branch line that runs to St. David and Canton. The time period is September 1940. Operations are TT&TO with car cards and waybills. The fast clock is 4 to 1. There are approx. 23 trains run during a session.

The layout was originally in a basement in Lombard,IL and was moved to Tampa in 20110. It now resides in 35 x 45 metal building behind John's house.

 Located at the Chicago end of the layout, this yard serves as the main yard and classification point for making up through trains for East (Chicago) or West (Galesburg) staging, and locals running west over the modeled portion of the layout.  The tracks contain trains in or outbound.  Hoppers are live loads, coming from a mine at St David, IL, where they are loaded.  The coal extra is broken up in the era of loose car railroading into trains bound for East destinations, where the coal is unloaded in staging to a bucket.  The MTY's then run back to Aurora, and then made up into an approximately 15 car empty coal extra to the mine in St David.  Photo by Greg Komar.


 One of the towns modeled (in actual order) west of Aurora.  The freelance industries modeled include Oneida Implements (form equipment), a grain elevator, and a fuel dealer.  Photo by Greg Komar.


 The fishing must be good, while the local runs to Canton, IL.  The water is modeled by Jon Addison.  Photo by Greg Komar.


 St David is the location of the strip coal mine, which is a source for the coal moved by the CP&W.  The crew for the coal extra fills the cars with live loads, then runs the train to Aurora, for classification into eastbound trains.  Photo by Greg Komar.


 Galva is another town on the line west of Aurora, and is the location of an intermediate engine service facility.  This facility is used by locals at the west end of the line; through trains pass through without re-fueling.  Photo by Greg Komar.


Canton industries include a slaughter house.  Opposite the main are OB's Paint and Rome Plow.  Under the bridge in the distance is the interchange with the CB&Q.  Photo by Greg Komar.