Orlando 2017 Wednesday Layout Tour

The LDSIG is looking forward to welcoming our members to Orlando for the 2017 NMRA National convention.  We are gathering some wonderful layouts for you to visit and learn from.  In the past these tours have served to highlight some of the more innovative layouts being constructed in the host city and this year will be no exception.  Several of the layouts have had major coverage in the national modeling press.    The tour includes a pocket polo shirt. 

To get your ticket for the tour click on the link below

Important Note:  The Company Store has closed.  Tickets can now only be purchased at the Convention.  Starting Sunday, go to the Tour Desk to purchase tickets and then bring your Tour tickets to the LDSIG Desk in the SIG Room to exchange their ticket for a shirt.  The shirt will be their 'ticket' to the tour, identifying them as having bought tickets.  This year's shirt will be wicking material rather than 100% cotton.  The engine on the logo will be an FEC E-8.

Please check this LDSIG website for information on the Tour layouts, so they can select which they would like to visit; there will be more layouts availalble than time to see them all. 

Carpool sign-ups will start on Sunday, and be finalized at the Annual General Meeting, 8 AM Wednesday, after which the maps with addresses will be distributed.

2017 Orlando LDSIG Wednesday Layout Tour  

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PAGE AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PAGE AND IN THE COMMENT SECTION PLEASE INCLUDE: Indication of your Shirt Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL and your choice of Monogram Name: (limited to 12 characters or spaces)

Here is a map with the approximate locations of the tour layouts.   


A detailed handout to the layout locations will be provided at the convention to those who have signed up for the Wednesday Layout Tour.   Key to the map locations: C is the Convention Hotel

Click on the owner's name or railroad below to see photos and more information.

1, The Central Florida Railroad Modelers  Ridgely, Parkersburg and Greenbriar      

2. The Orlando Society of Model Railroaders OSMR                                                        

3. Dave Barron, MMR   Mule Pass & Woodland RR                           

4. Robert Gross   New Haven RR                                           

5. Tom Wilson  Pittsburgh & West Virginia and Union RR                                                  

6. John Wilkes, MMR   Virginia South Western                   

7. .Bob Bamford    Northern Maine Junction                                                                             

8. Bob Bamford    On30                                                                  

9. The Citrus Model Railroad Club             CMRC N Scale Layout                                    

10. The Citrus Model Railroad Club           Allegheny and Lake Erie Railroad                                  

11. Erv Sedlock                                                                                                                                   

12. Bob Krebs                                                                                  

13. Jerry Kinsman             Minnesota Central                                                            

14. The H.B. Plant Railroad Historical Society        Mineral Valley Railroad                     

15. The H.B. Plant Railroad Historical Society        HB Plant N Scale Layout                    

16. The H.B. Plant Railroad Historical Society        HB Plant G Layout                              

17. The H.B. Plant Railroad Historical Society        HB Plant O27 Layout                         

18. Troy Combs  None                                                  

19. Gail Komar, MMR   West Virginia Northern                   

20. John Brennan  Chicago Peoria and Western