Adam Pinales

I  have 2 layouts and a live steam railroad at my house.  The 1.5" scale live steam railroad is currently being built. All the grade is complete, which is about 650'. It features two bridges that are currently under construction. I'm pushing really hard to have it operational by the time of the tour. 

My 1:20 scale outdoor railroad is operational and a blast to run. I have excavated my backyard to allow for a "benchwork" feel to it as I never liked garden railroads that were at your feet. You step into it, about 30" down. It features full drainage, and is supported by a beautiful rock wall.  The track is code 215 aluminum, and all the locos are radio controlled, battery operated dcc with sound. All DRGW and DSP&P narrow gauge. 

The N scale layout is nearing a complete mainline. It is roughly 20x30' in two bedrooms. It features full hidden staging, and 3 levels above that.  It represents the DRGW from Provo Utah to soldier summit postwar, (47-53'). I also have started to obtain equipment to model 87-93', the final year of the Grande.  Featuring a fully operational signal system, and computer controlled lighting. The railroad is designed for train movement operation, and railfanning.