John Dulaney's Peavine Line of Santa Fe

John is currently modeling the Santa Fe line between Phoenix and Flagstaff.  Although he has a soft spot in his heart for a portion of the Joint Line between Walsenberg and Trinidad.   This HO scale layout fills most of a two car garage. 

The ATSF Peavine line is a compressed version of the line from Phoenix north to Flagstaff.  Modeled towns are Ennis, Drake, and Flagstaff.  Beginning at Ennis we have the Zinn Produce Company, Millions Milling, Waite's Wholesale Grocery, and the usual LCL dock.  At Drake I have placed a small roundhouse that helps service locomotives assigned to the Clarkdale Branch.  There are three other industries at Drake.  They are Loder's Electronics, Gehring Farm Supply, and Boudreaux Cattle Co.   I have included the Clarkdale branch to the cement plant. On the branch also is Perkinsville where the loading of logs and shipping from C&G Clark Moulding is located.  At Flagstaff we have a number of industries including the large Stone Forest Complex including a sawmill, planing mill, plywood mill, and dry kiln for shipping finished lumber.  We also have a large grainary that stores when ATSF simply cannot take another train to LA and cars are needed in the Midwest. The name of this railroad is traffic generation.  The railroad is point to point. Cars can be shipped to Phoenix or Winslow on the ATSF main line East.  Operating the railroad requires a 5 or 6 man team to complete all of the duties required.  I use Flexbill, the system developed by Lee Nicholas.  This system provides the customer calls for the agent, me, who selects the train waybills for the layout.   I use Rail-Lynx as my control system. 



Facts of the layout


HO guage.  Minimum mainline radius 30. Minimum branch line radius  22.

Control       Rail-Lynx

Size      16X22 in a double garage

Minimum height  49 inches on layout   lower on Winslow mole

Maximum grade  2%.   2 1/2% on the branch

Here are some photos of John's Peavine Line.

Lumber Mill


Perkinsville, log reload and moulding plant


Pig train with coal loads for the cement plant


Cement plant at Clarkdale


Flagstaff station and pig train entering town


Extra 5300 has just switched off its grain train to the yard switcher in Flagstaff

Pass train from Phoenix to Flagstaff just arrived