George Booth's Great Western Railway

 The Great Western Railway is a 24’x32’ partially double decked layout modeling the prototype sugar beet shortline in northern Colorado in the 1950s timeframe.  The layout features three large sugar beet refineries (Loveland, Windsor and Johnstown), a number of sugar beet dumps and assorted agricultural businesses in the area.  A staging yard and outer service  loop allows live interchange with the two Class 1 railroads in the area, the Colorado and Southern (now BNSF) and the Union Pacific.  The layout was designed with as much fidelity to the prototype track plan as possible and represents the same operating challenges as the prototype.  Four hour operating sessions run with four one- or two-man crews.  


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Here are some photos of the Great Western Railway



Windsor, Lory, Gove, sugar beet field




Birds, Loveland yard, staging yard




Passing downtown Johnstown




UP Interchange and GW crossing US 34 (guarded by stoplights for trains and cars)




Loveland engine house and beet factory




Windsor beet factory (mirror at the far end “expands“ the Eaton staging yard and “creates” the Eaton beet factory)




Beet factory local crews go to beans at Auntie Suzie’s Sugar Shack