Bob Bamford's Two Railroads



Bob Branford's Northern Maine Junction is an HO scale, point to point, around the wall railroad.  The train room is 12 x 20 with dropped tile ceiling and hardwood laminate flooring.  Mainline is 43 feet in length, fully sceniked. All structures are either Walthers kits or scratchbuilt in wood or styrene.  Era 1950s.  Location is as named and features the Maine Central RR and the BAR - Bangor and Aroostook RR.  Bob uses Cuircutron AR-2 reversing relays on the two mainlines and currently 1 siding for visual effects because he does not have, at this time, DCC.


In addition to the HO layout, Bob has built an On30 point to point above the HO on a 20 foot wall again using AR-2 relays for action.  All structures are O scale and some details are scratchbuilt using NE Scale Lumber and accessories.  Motive power is an On30 4-4-0 steam engine and tender.  The feature structure is 'Williams Saw Mill' assorted rr yard buildings, fie department, feed store, and a forestry building.  Bob is working toward the Achievement Program with this On30 layout.